Lats two days with Team_SCA

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th of September 

Like I mention in previous post, we ended the day with great dinner and lot’s of fun, but we needed to get some rest for a next day, so we were already too late for bed and sleeping, when we came to hotel it was 1.00 in the morning and next day was very important because we had a sailing trip to the open ocean.

Here on picture is the team of international bloggers.

international bloggers

We had such fun on boat, we needed to help the whole team from starting the boat to finishing it. it was amazing experience and you just can not imagine how much work all this takes and the whole team must be as ONE, otherwise there is no point to sail and compete. We were sailing for a bout two hours and I must admit of we would stay longer, I would get sick more than I already was. I just get sick of by sitting on the train, so you can imagine me on boat.

But it helped a lot that I had such a great captain @_xonthebeach_ Kike  who gave me the opportunity to drive the boat. I felt amazing and so awesome :)!!


Here are some images of how it all went and how it is on boat.

After a long drive we had a lunch and than we went to the beautiful city Alicante. It is a small cute city with the amazing architecture and really nice people.

The day went so fast and I was already sad that we need to say goodbye for a next day.

last dinner

On friday we were taken to see behind “the scenes”, so that we got the feeling how all looks like.

I meet so many wonderful people and saw so many new things and also had a chance to try something new which is not open to everyone.

Need to say thank you Team_SCA for inviting me and good luck on the race!


Here are the links to connect with the team :


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